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The Business Club is a portal packed full of all the help you need to start, run and grow a successful hair business. Jo initially created the club in 2019 as a way to empower hair stylists the tools and knowledge they needed to reach their potential. After working as a business coach for so many years, Jo has worked with hundreds of hair stylists and saw that many of them, although they were incredible hairdressers and their clients clearly loved them, they were only getting so far. their potential was HUGE but something as stoping them going further Often stylists were working to capacity but not earning nearly enough and starting to lose their passion for their wok. Other stylists lacked confidence, or simple marketing skills which resulted in a 'feast or famine' cycle of either over working and getting burn out or not having enough money to get through the week. Either way, they were not reaching their potential. They were left feeling demotivated, overwhelmed and lacking confidence. Jo created a safe, judgement free place where stylists of all levels from salon owners to celebrity stylists, hair educators and mobile hairdressers can learn the business skills they need to not just work in their business but on it. The skills the need to grow it, to build a reputable and memorable brand, to attract their dream client, earn more money and have a clear strategy, leaving them feeling more in control and happier with their work life balance Jo is now a fully qualified life coach and teaches from the heart - Business skills are great, but everything stops and starts with you. When you are feeling good, confident and ready, your business will flow. There is an area of the portal dedicated to balance and Jo will being doing bi weekly Support > Success calls to help you stay on track. If you are interested in 1:2:1 support through coaching drop her an email [email protected] for details If you can relate to this the Lovehair Business Club is for you!  

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