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The Lovehair Business Club

The Lovehair Business Club is a invaluable resource for hair stylists and make up artists to learn everything they need to about their business in order to grow, stop burning out, earn more money, build a reputable brand and start enjoying their work again 

Jon us for 12 months for the new one off fee of £149 instead of £348 and learn how to run your business and make decisions like the CEO you are meant to be!!

This includes the following masterclasses.

  • Social Media
  • PR & Marketing
  • Money & Finances
  • Balance
  • Hair tutorials
  • Photography & Video skills
  • Goal Planning
  • Client 101
  • Getting Organised
  • Legal
  • Business Start Up

Each masterclass is packed full of tools, downloads and tips to help you BOSS your hair business


The business club isn't just about skills, it's about community so your membership also includes the following, to help us connect and grow together:

  • Weekly Happiness Mail
  • Bi Weekly lives with Jo
  • Lovehair course discounts
  • Monthly Q & A with expert guests
  • Meet Ups when we are able to do so

Testimonial from one of our current members Hayley P:

"In short since joining the LoveHair Business Club I have developed and elevated my brand, over doubled my takings, tripled my followers, grown in confidence and now attracting more of my ideal clients!!
Feeling inspired, excited and ready to grow more in the next 6 months. 
Working with you and the rest of the Tribe is like having the best team and support around me. Everyone I’ve connected with so far has been so lush and helpful." 

Sound good?

Ok, lets get started!  All you need to do is sign up, pay your one off fee of £149 and get stuck in!

 Oh wait, there's few boring (but important) bits for you to read first:

  • This membership entitles you to 12 months membership from the date you sign up.
  • All content is property of Lovehair & Co Ltd and may not be shared or copied without permission
  • You may stop your membership at any time, without notice. As you are given immediate and full access to our site from time of sign up, no refund will be given
  • No further fees are payable
  • Master classes and course content may change without warning from time to time as Lovehair & Co see fit.. This is to update content as needed. 
  • Live sessions may be cancelled or postponed at the last minute, we will always do our best to rearrange
  • Membership will automatically stop at the end of the 12 months and no further payments will be taken after your initial £149 unless you choose to rejoin.
  • Further courses, masterclasses and workshops will be available for purchase, these are not included in your package. The initial fee of £149 covers the 11 masterclasses offered from the day you joined.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected] before signing up


What People Are Saying:

I absolutely love the support everyone has for each other. We’re all on our own journey but we can all relate to each other and offer advice and lift each other up. There’s no competitiveness or anything like that and it can be hard to find a group where you feel like you truly belong. Not only that, but the business club has give me the tools to understand my business better and really push it to the next level. All your hard work that’s gone into the LHBC really shows and it’s a wonderful thing you should be super proud of. It’s given me the confidence to believe I can actually achieve my dreams and make steps toward making them a reality xxx

Tanya Wheable

I’ve never realised how alone I was before until I signed up to Business Club.. but now it’s the best thing knowing others have your back, is rooting for you, and help you understand this crazy amazing industry! Honestly Jo, I have so much to thank you for

Elbie Bayley

I love the fact everyone has so much knowledge to share. I’ve learnt so much from reading posts about how people deal with situations. A lovely positive environment 🌟 The game changer for me was the one to one chat with Jo.... talking through ideas and getting advice on my salon gave me the confidence to deal with situations and also have confidence to take things things to another level. I recently did a local wedding Fayre and Jo gave me some amazing ideas on creating more of a fun, engaging stand. Brides loved the selfie competition and the picture board. Thank you for all your support xx

Harriet R

Being part of the business club has been great for me. The best thing personally i feel about this is I am not running my business alone of which sometimes when you are freelance it can be tough going with decisions directions to etc... knowing I can have a chat throw few ideas and have the honesty and help back put me in a great place to crack on... the business club is about a positive perspective #mybusinessperspective Brunch dates.... I love meeting for the brunches. I have only been to 2as I have not long joined but for me listening to everyone’s journeys whats happened,going on etc is a breath of fresh air. It’s a place where I can be me say what I want and not be judged but have the most amazing support... These brunches have helped me to rethink where I am now and have the confidence & to take my business journey forward.. everyone is an inspiration in so many ways.. can not wait for the next one...

Kim H

Since I’ve joined the business club it’s helped to keep me focused and structure my business. I run my own salon so it can feel overwhelming at times,so joining is the best thing I have done! I went to my first business brunch meet up this month I was made to feel so welcomed by Jo and Lizzie and all the lovely ladies that were there. It was so good to chat to all the other hair and makeup stylist and share ideas with each other, looking forward to the next one.

Donna Salmon

The Business Brunch was my complete and definate 'go to' safe place to settle into this morning ♡ Listening to other Business Club members sharing their goals, worries and bug bears was refreshing and stress relieving. ♡ To have the genuine friendship, support, empathy and total encouragement is unique. ♡ A wonderful haven where we share are fun, woes and aspirations in a warm, confidential and confidence boosting environment ♡ LoveHair ♡ LoveBusiness ♡ AdoreLoveHairBusinessClub Being part of the LoveHair Business Club enables me to remain motivated and keep focus on my business. Having accountability for myself without the LHBC would mean drifting would occur. Weekly newsletters, monthly meet ups, advice and support at your fingertips when you require. Joining the club has changed my business focus and enabled me to Dream Bigger and believe in myself and my business to heights I would never had thought of 😍

Donna O

I joined the business club in July after following Jo on Instagram and loving her vibe and boss babe attitude. I’m at a very happy place with my career and probably have been for too long and I know it’s time to shake things up and step out of my comfort zone. I’m one of those people that has a millions ideas (note books full of them) and endless to do lists that I’m great at falling in love with an idea and then losing focus. Being held accountable has really helped, having new tasks every month and diving into my brand has been so much fun. Im excited to see where this takes me.

Holly Clarke

I’ve been a member of the Business Club since January 2019 and love it! Love Hair has really helped me to focus on key areas of my business and elevate it to the next level. Jo and the team give us monthly tasks to complete and all the tools we need to optimise our business, as well as ‘how to…’ hair tutorials which teach us the latest styles and best techniques. All information is accessible via the business club portal which is user-friendly, modern and attractively presented. Once a month, members get together for a business brunch at Love Hair HQ and Jo does regular FB Lives and newsletters to inspire, motivate and answer any questions. Joining the Love Hair business club is a positive, fun and useful way to boost your business.

Sarah S

Being a part of the business club is like having a group of friends who all love what you love. It’s a chance to focus on your business and really clarify where you’re heading. It’s a community that support, advise and guide you and as a self employed stylist it’s so reassuring to know that you’re not alone. Brunch is a chance to meet new people that feel like old friends! It’s a chance to chat with love hair members in the same boat as you and it’s the chance to get inspired. It’s so refreshing to meet a group so willing to support and encourage one another and I always leave so full of appreciation that I found that, thanks jo for making it happen!

Katie H

joined the business club in April and I'm so glad that I did. Being self employed, I didn't realise how much I missed talking with other people in the industry and bouncing ideas of each other. And on top of that the business club is packed with tips, tutorials, business advice and so much more. It really has given me the boost I needed to keep pushing my career in the direction I want it to go. I absolutely love the business club brunches. Its a safe place to share your ideas and ask questions with no judgment. Every time I leave I feel motivated to work on business with the new ideas I've been given from other stylists. I feel so lucky that I live so close by that I can normally attend most of them!


Best decision I made for my business and me was to join the business club! It’s literally turned my whole life around!! I love being freelance but also found it a real struggle not having the support and motivation from other stylist, joining the business club has given me the confidence and know how, to take my business to the next level. I’ve really enjoyed finding out why I do what I do, and excited to keep on developing my brand! And dream big! 💗 Love the monthly brunches so good to chat with other like minded people always leave with lots of ideas and motivation for the next month!

Lizzie Cooper

I'm just sat in the sun going through the masterclasses. I wanted to send a testimonial to the business club really. It was so hard to find the answers to the help I needed with my business because I didn't know where to start. It all got too much and I was on the edge of finishing working for myself. I'm a great believer in the law of universal attraction and your goal setting live reminder pinged up at the right moment. Every question I may or may not of known I needed to ask is being answered in the business club, I feel like all the wheel are finally in motion, my mindset is clearer and I've made changes already to my business in the first month. This is for anyone who isn't sure what to do, please do join it's absolutely worth it, don't sit there and do nothing. This will be the best business decision you'll make Honestly Jo, thank you so much I could actually cry I feel so emotional that I was so close to giving up and now I can't believe that was ever an option.


So I have been a member for a few months now and it has helped me greatly with planning,goal setting and finances. Working as a freelance hairdresser on my own,I felt I was getting a bit stale and stuck in a rut. Being part of the group is awesome,there’s so much support,help and everyone uplifts each other. Jo is like sunshine,she’s always there to answer questions and offer encouragement/support. She’s so knowledgeable and happy to share this with us all. I feel part of the group even though I haven’t met them. It’s nice to have somewhere to go

Chaya Newman

I was first drawn to Jo when I seen her talking at a social media course. The way she walked up on the stage and spoke reminded me a bit of me. So I already felt like I knew her before I actually spoke to her! I would soon after seeing her join the love hair business club! Jo is so sweet and caring and has this natural warmth that puts you instantly at ease. I needed some clarity with in my business so I didn’t hesitate in asking for help and booking a 1:1 call with her. On that call we stripped back my business and Jo gave me tools that made everything so much clearer! I feel from that one call it’s made me completely rethink the way I run my business. She’s so honest which is so refreshing and totally needed in this industry! Jo knew how much I was feeling anxious about changes I wanted to make and checked in on me on numerous occasions after our call! I’ve met so many amazing incredible supportive girls through being part of the Love hair tribe! It’s been so inspiring listening to other girls ideas and being part of such an awesome girl gang!

Charmaine Soldiew

I just wanted to share with you how I’ve been getting on in the first/last six months of your fab business club! Doing my financials for this 6 months and I have doubled my takings. So I have taken more in this half than I did in my whole last year! My profit margins are up and I’m on target to keep that up for the rest of the year. My insta is growing too. I was really trying to reach 200 followers when I started (I know it’s not ALL about the followers but...) now I’m at 650! I know that is because my content is soo much better using your training and tips. On top of that my confidence is soaring. Of course I have days when I think ‘I can’t fecking do this and I’ve taken on too much’. I’m learning a lot about imposter syndrome😐. But largely I’m so happy having my own business and loving building my brand. In short since joining the LoveHair Business Club I have developed and elevated my brand, over doubled my takings, tripled my followers, grown in confidence and now attracting more of my ideal clients!! Feeling inspired, excited and ready to grow more in the next 6 months. Working with you and the rest of the Tribe is like having the best team and support around me. Everyone I’ve connected with so far has been so lush and helpful.

Hayley Penny